Symptom Of Being Poor Essay

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Human capital, poverty, and productivity are the main issue in the article that the author is trying to examine for the readers by bringing out the social problem that we are facing nowadays. We have all felt a shortage of money, cash and wealth at all times and this is vary according to individual experience. However, there is the minority in our world are a millionaire, a billionaire who enjoy humongous wealth. So, how does this happen? This essay will examine the symptom and illness of being poor into three parts where the introduction lays down the general outline, followed by the author discussion and opinion with a conclusion.
First of all, in the article, the author discussed the symptom of being poor and illness of being poor by elaborate
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The problem of cannot find a good job leads to lack of human capital and this leads to less productivity in society. Productivity is important in our society because productivity is used to determine the living standards in a nation. Productivity is the efficiency in which we convert inputs into outputs in our society where it can be affected by environment and lack of resources (D., 2006). Thus, it could affect everyone’s living standard in a society. Furthermore, human capital is not only about education or job experience, in fact, many other factors such as health and personality traits like determination are highly likely to change an economy circumstances. Thus, it is important in all aspect of our lives. By implying this to our recent social daily life, technology affected productivity the most. This is because as we move deeper and deeper into a knowledge-based economy that depends on information, knowledge and high-level skills. Thus, human capital will become increasingly important. Therefore, for the people who did not realize the importance of human capital will be exposed to poverty which might lead them to become

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