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We all have those few things have really irritated us, the kind of state of mind where we just grind our teeth till they are blunt squares of calcium and rendering our eyes into bloodshot stares of evil. I have a huge hatred for the topic I am about to discuss with you, Human Centipede.

I am self-assured that most of the people here are all aware of the unsocial, indecent theme of this haunting movie. For the others who has still not found themselves having to watch The Human Centipede, I’d strongly recommend that you don’t even bother not watching it and leave it as one of those things that you will die without having seen it. Mouth to anus combination is the only characteristic of the movie, done by a frenzied doctor who specifies in Siamese twins.

Tom Six, the director of this menacing film was enthused by the Nazi Medical Experiments from World War II, which
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Imagine one day waking up and putting on the news and finding out that a 16-year-old locked in his whole family in their home and tied them up in the basement for over 2 months torturing them, that would really ruin my day and make me so angry because it’s something that wouldn’t happen if things like the human centipede weren’t being released.

The government needs to step in and have some restrictions on movies that can be released because movies like this don’t deserve to exist and represent a demonic side of people who shouldn’t be popularized. Because people can easily find influence in things like this and idolize them. Which is why I want to send human centipede to room

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