Human Characteristics In Macbeth

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Throughout literature, we see human characteristics in our characters. Characteristics such as punishment, downfall, middling character, free choice, and nobility. In this play called Macbeth we see all these characteristics fall into place throughout the good and bad choices acted on by our main character Macbeth. The play demonstrates how power will make or break character and lead to his/her own destruction by possessing a few of these characteristics.
Macbeth demonstrates both literal and figurative nobility as the plot beings to grow throughout the play. Literal nobility is shown at the beginning of the play when the audience is shown macbeth is a general, and a good one at that. This is demonstrated in (I.II.2) “For brave Macbeth well he deserves that name disdaining fortune, with his brandish’d steel, which smok’d with bloody excecution, like valor’s minion carv’d out his passage, till he face’d the slave”. This shows that as a noble general, Macbeth deserves more. However, his nobility falls short in act 2 scene 7 after he kills King Duncan to take the throne. Which brings us to Macbeth 's downfall and figurative nobility. Killing Duncan was his downfall that also brought down Scotland and because of this evil act, Macbeth was punished over and over through the play until his downfall cost him his life. His figurative nobility is brought up when Macbeth becomes king. Once a noble general now and noble king keeping secrets. The audience sees his figurative

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