Short Essay On The Most Dangerous Game

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“The Most Dangerous Game,” a short story by Richard Connell, dives into the discussion over whether animals have feelings, and if it is fine for them to be hunted for a human’s own entertainment. The main protagonist, Sanger Rainsford, an American author and hunter, and the antagonist, General Zaroff, a hunter as-well, have similar views in the concept of dominance and killing animals for their own pleasure. Throughout the events of the story, both characters, ironically, switch between being the ‘hunter’ and ‘huntee’ through the development of the story, and it explores the different strategies, thoughts, and feelings they experience in their situations. The theme of “The Most Dangerous Game” concentrates on the human tendency for superiority and power under any circumstance, no matter how inhumane. The theme is demonstrated through the beliefs and actions of the characters, along with the conception of the game. To begin with, the story conveys the idea of human superiority through the beliefs of the protagonist. The story begins on a yacht where Whitney, the protagonist’s companion, and Rainsford are discussing the concept of hunting animals. When Whitney states that hunting is a great sport for only the hunter, but not the animal being hunted, in…show more content…
When placed in this situation, Rainsford has transformed from being the hunter to becoming the huntee, and is now in the position of all the animals he has carelessly killed before. Towards the end of the story, while Rainsford is being hunted by Zaroff and his pack of dogs, the narrator describes how Rainsford feels by saying that: “Rainsford now knew how an animal at bay feels” (22). The sensation of extreme fear and worry had finally gotten to him, and he can relate to how the animals he hunt may
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