Human Condition In Life

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Our life experiences shape us. No individual suffers the exact same hardships, nor achieves the exact same triumphs as any other. Yet, we all have experienced the human condition. How? The human condition is everything that goes on in a person's life. It's the constant cycle of decisions and consequences that make us human, make us each unique. The human condition can be described by talking about the growth, aspiration, and conflict a person experiences in life.
Every human undergoes growth throughout their time on earth. This growth that we experience makes it possible for us to move on and transition through the chapters of life that are thrown at us. In “College should be an Adventure” by John A. Roush we learn about how a college student
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In a comic strip of Peanut called “ Faith in Human Nature” by Charles Schulz, he demonstrates the aspiration of Charlie Brown. “You hold the ball, and I’ll come running up, and kick it” (1). Charlie showed that he had hope in Lucy by having her hold onto the ball. Even though Lucy tricked Charlie before, he still trusted Lucy to hold the ball for him. Of course, Lucy still played a prank on Charlie and tricked him again, but it was the desire and hope that persuaded Charlie to let Lucy hold the ball for him another time. “I admire you, Charlie Brown… You have such faith in human nature” ( Schulz 1). Although Lucy tricked Charlie before, he still saw the good in her. He trusted her to hold the ball for him in order for him to kick it. Charlie showed aspiration by hoping to achieve Lucy’s trust and be able to kick the football. Conflict in life comes from those struggles that every human being faces. These struggles and hardships we go through shapes us into human beings and the adults that we turn out to be.
Emily Dickinson also touches a part of the human condition in her “We Grow Accustomed to the Dark” poem. In this poem, she exhibits conflict by showing how we must come out of our comfort zone in order to get through the dark paths. “A Moment- We uncertain step For newness of the night” (5). This shows the conflict we have within ourselves in many situations. It reminds us that the unknowing
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It makes us all the same to a degree. We all have the cycle of life, the cycle of living, and the cycle of learning that makes us the same. We are also all connected with the six human conditions. Birth, growth, emotionality, aspiration, conflict, or mortality all intertwine into making up life as we know it. We cannot have life without birth. We cannot mature into adults without growth. We cannot become individuals with our own personalities without emotionality. We cannot ever achieve anything without ambition or aspiration. We cannot become truly understand ourselves without conflict. And lastly, we cannot live without dying or having mortality. In other words, living without the human condition would be like living without a
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