Human Condition Poem Analysis

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Birth. Life. Death. On this earth our parents deliver us, we live, then die. The Life part makes us. Although people go through their life without knowing the concept of the Human Condition, regardless, we experience all aspects of it. Some people who understand the concept, perceive the subject as positive and encouraging. However, expressions of the human condition include conflict and mortality. Asia Argento exemplifies those traits. Her career includes acting, modeling, and activating against topics that she is passionate about. At the age of 14, she ran away from home because of her poor relationship with her father. She believes that a person should not want to be loved by everyone, and those who think that they can achieve that likeness,…show more content…
This poem illustrates traits of aspiration. At the beginning of the poem, Dickinson has a darker tone. She discloses that people adjust to the dark. Literally, our eyes adjust to different shades of light, but also figuratively. What she proposes in lines 7-8, where she says “Then - fit our Vision to the Dark / And meet the Road- erect” (7-8), means that the darkness equals the unknown and the road compares to our future. We must adjust to the darkness to finally see what lies before us. She further demonstrates this in lines 13-14 which states “The Bravest- grope a little And sometimes hit a Tree” (13-14). This line interprets that the bravest people deal with the unknown and are not afraid of the mistakes they make in the future. Emily Dickinson used the metaphor of people walking around in the dark, searching for what lies before them, but only the brave ones are able to move forward without fear holding them back. Finally, She ends the poem with hope. A person who inhabited braveness enough to have adjusted to the dark, can now see what lies before them. This associates with how humans finally learn from mistakes and have the ability to see what aspirations they might have for the
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