Mambo In Chinatown Analysis

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What is the most this novel were the varying human connections and relationship that it explored so thoroughly. There was Kimberly and her mother, Kimberly and Matt, Kimberly and Aunt Paula, Aunt Paula and Kimberly 's mother, Kimberly and Annette, etc. All of the relationships felt so real and loved that there was something in each of them that everyone benefitted from. It also loved all of the secondary characters that came along the way and left their marks in Kimberly 's life. we thought that was such an important and powerful aspect of the story - the fact that no matter who comes along in your life, whether you intend for them to be there or not, can impact you in one way or another. Kwok says that: “What a relationship looks like on the outside isn 't the same as what it 's like on the inside. You can be more in love with someone in your mind than with the person you see every day.” All in all, this was a very human and a very insightful read! There were so many noteworthy quotes that found empowering and important. This is a wonderful piece of American literature…show more content…
Mambo in Chinatown follows Charlie Wong’s journey to establish balance between her often seemingly contradictory Chinese and American identities as she trains as a professional ballroom dancer. Twenty-two-year-old Charlie lives in a cramped New York Chinatown apartment with her widowed father and younger sister. With a slew of botched receptionist jobs behind her, Charlie manages to secure a position as a receptionist at Avery Dance Studios. She loves her new job because the dancers remind her of her mother, who had been a star ballerina with the Beijing Dance Academy before immigrating to America with Charlie’s father. However, Charlie must keep her new job a secret from her father, who is wary of any Western conventions, including Western
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