Human Consequence In Romeo And Juliet

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Human Flaw and it’s Consequence in Romeo & Juliet All actions have consequences. The story of two star crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet, is not a story of destiny or fate, but a story of human error, and the consequences that follow. Even though they killed themselves, Romeo and Juliet were not the only people to blame for what happened to them. The poor choices of Prince Escalus, Romeo, Juliet and Friar Laurence throughout the play, lead to the death of the two young lovers. Had these characters thought things through a little better, and spent time making decisions cautiously, they could have changed the fate of Romeo and Juliet’s lives. A large source of human error in the play is Prince Escalus’ decision to let the Montagues and Capulets…show more content…
She is in as much haste about getting married and running away as Romeo is. Whether or not he is more excited than she is, she goes along with what Romeo plans. This causes her to make a big mistake; Juliet pretends to be thrilled about marrying Paris, so her father pushes the wedding ahead one day. In turn Juliet takes the pation to make her seem dead a day early, which offsets her and Friar Laurence’s plan. Friar Laurence does not know Juliet is taking the potion a day early, therefore he does not tell Romeo about the plan in time. So when Romeo sees her, he actually thinks she is dead, and has no clue about the potion. Had she planned things out better and taken her time, things would have ended up differently. Friar Laurence supporting Romeo and Juliet in pursuit of their marriage and all their other plans is another example of human error. Friar Laurence, being an adult, should have saw things were getting out of hand, and should have let Romeo and Juliet’s parents know what was going on. He could have helped Romeo and Juliet in a different way, by helping them convince their parents to give up the blood feud and to let them be together. If he had done this he would have saved Romeo and Juliet the trouble of trying to run away from their parents, and he could have spared them their
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