Human Cruelty In Lord Of The Flies

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Human Cruelty

In “The Lord of the Flies” we learned how cruel human beings can actually be. Then we were asked if the boys’ cruel and savage behavior was based on emotional development or the environment they were in. My opinion was that this behavior was based on the environment.
In this story, school boys are being sent away from their homes to escape harm of the war zone. The plane they are in is shot down and crash lands on a mysterious island. The boys try things like voting on a chief, making rules, and giving jobs to try and remain civilized. Ralph, the main character, builds a fire to signal any ships that may pass by. One day Ralph gives Sam and Eric, the twins, the job to watch the fire, but the two go hunting with Jack and let the fire out. This causes a fight between Ralph and Jack, because Ralph thinks that getting rescued should be the number one priority. Jack feels that he would be a better chief, so he starts a tribe of his own, full of people who want to hunt to survive. This rivalry between the two tribes becomes savage, as some blood is shed, fear is
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Fear is something that can control you and make you do some pretty scary things. Fear is one of the one things that can unleash the violence and rage i the nicest people. In the article Why Boys Become Vicious, William Golding says something that applies to the kids in Britain and the boys in The Lord of the Flies. He says “when people are afraid they discover the violence within them and when they are afraid together they discover that the violence within them can be almost bottomless. In “The Lord of the Flies” the boys are fearful that they will be there forever, so this quote describes exactly how the boys feel in the situation. When the boys feel fear together they become violent to hide their
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