Human Decision Making: The Importance Of Critical Thinking

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Why is critical thinking so important and so necessary when it comes to how , we as humans view our world. When it comes to critical thinking a person must think for themselves. It is the only way for a person to come up with their own moral compass. So what exactly is critical thinking. Weidner (2014) explains it as the ability to understand the context of what is being relayed”. Critical thinking is not just repeating the first answer or thought that comes to mind, but instead is the way we decipher, challenge or champions our own opinions and beliefs on to the world we live in. It takes a special type of mentality and effort to slow down and think our thoughts out thoroughly with the intent to form an opinion, however, every man has the ability to challenge ourselves and grow in the area of critical thinking. There are three steps that one should follow to be able to use critical thinking. Being a critical thinker does not involve a degree or a business suit. Any person can take advantage of these three steps expressed by Weidner (2014) are 1. Rehearse, 2. Reflection, and 3. Reason. Rehearse means one must be able to evaluate the evidence for themselves and not take on the opinion of another . Taking on the opinion of another without thinking for your self is an example of passive decision making. Reflection would be the next step and it involves a person reflecting on the meaning of statements and ideas. Reflection relates to active decision making to me because

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