Human Development: Social And Emotional Development

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Human development is a process of changing of human life towards maturation that occurs throughout life. Human development is a process of human change towards maturity that occurs throughout life (Salvin, 1997). The pattern of human development is complicated because it is the result of several processes, namely the process of physical, cognitive, emotional and social. Physical processes involving biological changes in an individual that is genetically inherited from the parents such as height, weight, skill and behavior. Biological process is a process of maturation. Meanwhile, the cognitive process involving a change of thought and ingenuity of the individual. Social and emotional development is a process of change in the individual 's relationships…show more content…
At the age of 1 years, the baby will start to respond to familiar words like his name. He may start babbling " Mama and Papa" . They also start stand unaided and may take first steps. During the age of 3 , children start talking short words and learn how to draw, read and write. They try to learn something new from parents. The parents needs to teach them properly. Parents roles are the most important things in the lives of children. By the age of 10 years old, their have been a looking friends. (Clements & Florentino, 2004) articulated the value of children 's play in their holistic development which are play exists at the very heart of chilhood. It is the fundamental means through which children learn about themselves, their family members, their local communities and the world around them. The freedom to explore, experiment, make believe, and make choice 's is a key ingredient in the healthy development of every child.…show more content…
Adolescence is the change from childhood that began at the age of 10- 12 years and ended at the age of 18-22 years. At this time, boys and girls will show a fairly rapid development of physical, cognitive, social and emotional. In the early stages of adolescents 12- 15 years, teens will have the benefit of the outside world. They do not want to be thought of as a childhood again. Medieval outfits when aged 16-18 years, adolescents will start to find their own identity. At this time, they have erratic behavior due to environmental factors and sociability with peers. Teens who have reached a mature stage, the body is unable to accept the changes they have experienced and know how to keep yourself in a healthy way. In his late teens, they know yourself and start looking for cracks life. Teens are able to create new and more mature relationships with peers of different genders. They also have acquired a set of values and ethics to guide system

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