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.1 Introduction Dissection is a traditional approach to medical laboratory education(Waters, 2008). Using human cadavers one of the most widely used model in medical and clinical research for several decade .Considerable amount of literature have been published on different dissection methods of human body .(Romanes et al.,1986;Tank et al.,2008). These currant dissection manuals showed different approach to access different part of human body. However it is hard to find a standard literature which described the dissection method to access the coracoid process which can allow researchers, scientists and anatomists to approach this important anatomical structure with minimal injuries to the adjacent structures. Most dissection procedures that…show more content…
3.3 Methods 3.3.1 Dissecting protocol Ethical consent was sought and approved by the University Ethics Committee of the University Putra Malaysia (UPM) under the code: UPM/TNCPI/ (JKEUPM) F2. Position and orientation The cadavers were placed in supine position and both arms were abducted at an angle of ninety degree, 90°. The following anatomical land marks were located before started dissection. 1. Jugular notch - the superior border of the manubrium 2. Sternal body - the central portion of the sternum 3. Xiphoid process - the inferior, pointy process on the sternum 4. Forth costal cartilage-the cartilaginous articulation between 4th rib and manubrium 5. Acromion-the postro-lateral boney projection of the scapula 6. Acromioclavicular joint - articulation between the acromion and the

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