Human Dna Dbq

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Do you believe that we should change human DNA and genes to make “better” people? I think that the answer really depends on what you are changing or trying to make better about a person. If the person has a genetic deformity, then the answer would be yes. You should try to help that person to be “better”. If we are talking about a person who is normal, that wants to be better at a sport or a talent then the answer would be no. As document 1 shows, making an animal “better” just to win, would technically be cheating. Document 1 shows a horse in a horse race that has cheetah genes in it. This makes it so it can run faster and have more stamina. If all the other opponents have normal horses, wouldn’t that be unfair to them? They would be putting in effort that could be saved for a race where everyone 's horses are normal and not “better”. Do smart people get their smartness from reading books and practicing? Document 2 says that the IQ of a person is not from how they are raised in a home, but that it’s in their genes. Kevin Beaver states that, “Their reading to you, talking with you at the dinner table and taking an active interest in your…show more content…
The video that is in document 4 gives information about DNA. It explains the parts that make up DNA. Also the fact that we are altering DNA to make it how we want it. From genetically modified, foods to animals and bacterias. This could pose a problem. If we make a mistake and create a bacteria that became a disease and it spread, how long would it take to find a cure. Many people could die before someone found a cure. We don’t fully understand DNA either. Genetically Modified Organisms, GMO, are also a highly debated subject. Our foods are being modified to taste “better” or to look more appealing. They are also modified to resist certain diseases or other ailments. Sometimes doing this to our foods ends up making them worse than they already were. More and more people are finding it had to buy natural non- GMO foods and
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