Human Environment: Environment And Human Health, Human Rights

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Environment And Human Health,Human Rights Environment is the surroundings in which we live.It directs our life and defined the proper growth or development of human beings . And the social life depends on the quality of our natural environment . All the basic things that is required for human beings like food , water and shelter etc. are getting from natural environment . We are the one who played a big role in degenerating the natural environment which is also affect our life style . All the human activities in this world directly impact the whole ecosystem . for our individual benefit we degrade our environment himself . Due to this some environmental problem happened . And this is the time for modern technologies which also impacts the environment . Nowadays modern technologies have a immense power which impact the nature. And continuous use of technologies and the human behaviour also impact the nature . Modern technologies also degrade our natural resources due to this some of the environmental problems growth rapidly which is quite dangerous for us . Deteriorating natural resources , wetlands and diminishing forest are the huge problems for human life because these resources and forest provide us food and shelter , if these are diminish then human life is in danger . We still need to adapt environment where human society is first and foremost an animal . It is our responsibility to save our environment and make the possibility of healthy life then we all need a
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