Human Error In Aircraft Maintenance

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Human error in aircraft maintenance can affect on safety and performance in a number of ways. Poorrepairs, for example, can increase the amount of breakdowns which in turn can increase therisks associated with equipment failure and personal accidents. We humans have been making errors for a long time and this won’t stop but some can be prevented. Almost over 80% of accidents are due to human errors.This paper intends to overview and illustrate how safety in aircraft maintenance and quality can be improved.


Aircraft Maintenance has a major importance to the business performance of aviation industry and the safety of the general public. Whenever a machine stops due to a breakdown, or for essential routine maintenance, it
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As with most types of work, the possibility for human error in aicraft maintenance operations is immense. These can range from becoming distracted and forgetting important checks to knowingly deviating from a permit to work procedure in order to save time or to get the job done in unexpected situations. Some types of human error can be so frequent that they almost become the accepted custom and practice. For example, an technician may have got into the habit of omitting final checks during a routine maintenance procedure. Other forms of human error may only occur hardly ever during exceptional circumstances. For example, crews may miss-diagnose the cause of a novel failure.
There are therefore a number of factors which influence the behavior of maintenance crews and the likelihood of human error. Therefore human error needs to be
Considered both in terms of its effect on safety of people and also in terms of its effect on damage to plant or equipment or reduced reliability and subsequent breakdown.
It should be noted that the solutions for reducing human errors and improve safety in aircraft maintenance are different for different types of
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The program has a given time and place of carrying out the practice. The guidelines are usually formulated by the original manufacturer of the aircraft or equipment who has got expert and manpower in performances and reliability of the equipment. The program main objective is to test for the effectiveness and applicability of various aviation equipments and through compliancy assessment, the programs approves these equipments or the aircraft. There are various organizations throughout the world which govern the maintenance practices which have to be followed in aviation industry. These include Global Aviation Safety Plan, Global Aviation Safety Roadmap, Air Transport Industry and Maintenance Steering Group among others. These programs are aimed at implementing effective proactive maintenance, preventive maintenance and unscheduled maintenance. These maintenance practices tries to solve present and future occurrences of problems which might affect the aviation industry. The practices involve critical planning to enhance the reliability level is met as postulated by the world aviation

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