Human Error In It By Stephen King

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King demonstrates the results of human error in his novel titled IT. This book is about a small town in Maine that is terrorized by an unknown being that murders hundreds of children through the centuries of time. IT, or better known as Pennywise the Clown, lurks in the sewers below the town and is able to shapeshift into anything that it knows a particular child is scared of. Pennywise will also lure children in by offering them balloons, and acting like a regular clown; adults, however, cannot see him and the messes he makes. While the children in this book are young, they must make choices that may severely impact them or their families. The human error of a child is well established in the beginning of the book when the protagonist 's younger…show more content…
In conclusion, Stephen King has become one of the masters of the horror genre, along with H.P. Lovecraft. King has managed to scare generations of people through the words that he has typed out on paper, and continues to do so since 1974. He is known for creating massive worlds that contain so much detail that it is as if the world is real, along with the horrors in it. These horrors that King creates, along with other horror stories that various authors’ have written, are possibly just a way to make people feel better about the problems in their personal lives; in King’s book, Danse Macabre, King suggests just that by saying, "we make up horrors to help us cope with the real ones. With the endless inventiveness of humankind, we grasp the very elements which are so divisive and destructive and try to turn them into tools --to dismantle themselves" (Danse Macabre 13). This idea holds a high possibility of being true, at least for some people. He has also has demonstrated time and again the influence that terrible horrors can have on the family unit; he has shown that no matter how normal or strong a family is, there are things in this world, and the worlds he creates, that can and will tear a family apart. He has also shown that when people love each other, they tend to try and fix the problems that arise, however the outcome is sometimes unfavorable, such as in Pet Semetary. Nonetheless, Stephen King’s books are, without a doubt, loved by many people all over the world no matter if they are young or old. King’s books have, and will continue to be, classics in the horror
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