Airline Safety Case Study

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In May 2009, a pilot for a commercial airline was experiencing difficulties landing a plane at Denver international Airport. The reasoning behind this was that the pilot was distracted preparing to land, that he accelerated the aircraft while the brakes were still deployed. Nothing serious happened, however he realized that habit patterns, possible fatigue, and distractions can create a sequence of events that will lead to possible death and destruction. Human error is one of the leading causes for airplane accidents around the world. Due to electronic devices being brought aboard by the staff mistakes are more bound to happen when someone is focused on something they shouldn’t be. In addition, scheduling is a big factor when dealing with airline employees and how they perform at work. More extensive training should be required to all pilots in school and pilots who have…show more content…
These passengers are getting on this airplane, trusting pilots with their lives to do the best job they were trained to do. The 150 miles overflown could’ve lead to the airplane running out of gas putting a number of passengers in danger, all because these pilots were inattentive. Why would these pilots sit there on their laptop instead of insuring the plane gets to it’s destination safely? This activity is the reason why certain things happen when it could have clearly been avoided. Equally important, is how airline employers should schedule their employees to get the amount of rest needed for any flight. Very important in any job is getting the amount of rest you need to be able to fulfill your tasks at work. Airlines have very strict policies as to how much rest should be given to an employee considering they have such a critical part in their daily lives to ensure people’s safety. British Airways Flight 5390 is the perfect example that no matter how small you think the job is, you always need to double check what is being done. These pilots took

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