Essay On Human Nature

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What is human nature?
It is interesting to ask ourselves these questions, what makes us human beings? who are we, what are we? The familiar term human nature is the connection and answer to these questions. Hence, what is human nature? Human nature is defined as “to be a human being; what makes us different from anything else (Velasquez, 2005). There is a vast difference in the way humans think and feel compared to the other species and living creations. Lixun Xie (2006) stated that “Human nature is an unsolvable project. Human nature is fixed in asense. There is certain law. However, it is complex and changeable and hard to be known.” Moreover, it is a a contradicting phase and impossibly vague (Quirk, 2007).
Since ancient times, enormous
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Firstly, we have the opportunity to be nourished, to have offspring, and at the same time grow. Next, just like animals, we are able to move in the world and perceive it. Then, unlike other living things we have the ability to think in complex and abstract ways. Hence, even though humans share similar characteristics with other living beings, we are still unique because of our difference in ability to think. In contrast to Plato’s view, in relation to the soul, Aristotle believed that a person’s soul gives life to him/her and is projected through the behaviours the body carries out. He states that the soul exists in other living creatures such as animals and plants too, and that the soul can only exist inside a living body. He mentioned that we should live to achieve our fullest potential and the life’s purpose is to strive for happiness. Happiness derived in three forms: 1) life as a free citizen, 2) life filled with enjoyment and pleasure and 3) life as a philosopher and thinker. These forms of happiness are to be enjoyed in balance. Moreover, Aristotle addressed the well-known “nature-nurture” debate we all know of
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