Pros And Cons Of Human Cloning

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Everyone is genetically unique, without this there would be exact copies of us walking around everywhere. Human cloning and even animal cloning is new to the medical world. With this new technology we can in fact make exact copies of ourselves. What would happen if we begin to clone ourselves? What would the repercussions be? There are many issues with regard to cloning humans. The main argument with cloning human beings is morality. Although cloning has been accomplished with many animals, is it ethical to perform with humans? Human cloning deals with important issues such as enjoyment for the wealthy. So what is cloning? A clone is created by first taking an egg from a donor, then the nucleus is taken out, which holds all of the DNA. The cell is injected with that same DNA to be cloned. The empty egg is then stimulated to divide and to form a new organism in the…show more content…
One major pro is the future medical advancements it could open up for the world. It could essentially be a life-saving technique. There are always people who need organ transplants but there are never enough organs. Cloning the organs that are needed for a person to survive when their own gives out can provide for many more people to live and not have to wait on a transplant list forever. Another important advantage of cloning humans is for infertile couples. Cloning babies seems to be the perfect solution, although there are some ethical issues. By cloning babies for parents who can not have them on their own, you could create the “perfect” child. There are special genes that can be added to enhance some special talents, you could pick the sex of your baby, as well as test for hereditary diseases to choose whether or not to use that egg. Although that may seem like a good thing, the process of harvesting human eggs for donation is very painful, lengthy and increases health risks for the donor. There is also an increased risk of
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