Darwin's Theory Of Natural Selection

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As humans, we need to understand that we vary in so many ways. The variation in humans comes with its three primary causes which are evolutionary process, environment and culture. All these causes effect differently on human variation. Human variation may mean humans come in different shape and size.
1. Evolutionary processes: these affect the genetic diversity within and between populations. This process involves genes which appear in every human. Evolutionary processes make humans differ in terms of appearance. It is stated that the genetic variation present in the human species is the product of the four fundamental processes of evolution (Scupin and DeCorse, 2012). Natural selection is also said to be one of the evolutionary processes.
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The theory of Lamarck was disproved. Lamarck’s theory was disproved because it did not explain how life formed and became what it is.
Darwin’s theory has influenced the way people think in today’s society. People view the world in the aspects of history ant try to make more sense of it. Scientific thinkers now live under the influence of Darwin’s theory because his studies have become much of a lesson to them. His discovery of natural selection became one of the ways of advancing philosophy. Darwin brings about motivation to today’s scientific thinker that they must stand for what they believe and therefore prove it as much as they
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It is an instinct genus of members of human family tree. This hominid was there before the Homo. Australopithecus were said to have the features that resembled humans and also apes. Starting with the brain, their brains were smaller. The Australopithecus had long arms that helped them in climbing trees in search for food or protection. They had their faces that looked more like apes than humans, with slopping faces and jutting jaws.
These live 4.2 to 3.9 million years ago. As it has been said above that they resembled human and ape features, they climbed trees and also walked upright like humans. The fossils of Australopithecine were found decades ago. They were found in the Lake Turkana in Kenya to North Ethiopia. An anthropologist named Meave Leakers was responsible for officially naming the species. One of the fossils that were found in the caves was a Lucy fossil. Another species was The Taung child which was the first evidence that humans lived in Africa.
According to the findings, The Taung child was said to have been killed by and eagle. The skull fossil had holes which were made by eagle talons but some believed that it was leopard

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