Human Experiences In James Gunn's Guardians Of The Galaxy

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Have you ever seen a true hero? In James Gunn’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” Peter Quill is a true hero. In this movie Peter Quill steals an orb not knowing the consequences, he is going to have to face. He finds out real quick that he shouldn’t have taken the orb. He finds love, grief, and sorrow along the way. The director and writer James Gunn uses these three points in his movie to keep you interested such as human experiences, theme, and archetype.
In “Guardians of the Galaxy” Peter Quill faces a lot of human experiences, but one of the main ones would be when his mother passed away in the beginning of the movie. His movie passed away from a sickness and that can relate to a lot of people today. Another human experience, he faces is love. Throughout the movie you wouldn’t think that Peter would fall in love, but he did at the end with Gamora. Another important experience that went on through the movie would be the good and the bad guys. Groot, Rocket, and Peter were the good guys. The bad guys that were in this movie were Rolan and all of his guys. Even though this movie has human experiences, it also has a theme.
The theme of this movie would be about the orb that peter quill takes in the beginning of the movie. Peter Quill takes the orb in the beginning not knowing that he’s going to be followed by different people that want
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There were also a few other hero’s such as Groot, Gamora, and Rocket. All of these characters helped out so much throughout this whole movie. The Villain in this movie would be Rolan. Rolan is the one who took Gamora in and was raising her to be just like him. Gamora got sick of him and decided to go against him and get the orb. The trickster would be Rocket he was always tricking everyone. The character with the split personality would be Groot, one minute he would be happy and nice and the next he would be fighting with
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