Human Experimentation Is Inhumane

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I am the opposition and I am opposed to human experimentation. I strongly believe that human experimentation is erroneous. There have been many experiments that have gone terribly wrong, and were pointless. Countless people have died during these pointless experiments, and were often never told about the consequences. Human experimentation is very risky, too. There is no way of knowing the outcome of an experiment if it was never performed. In terms of these experiments, they are performed on children, adults, and even newborn babies. This is another factor of why human experimentation is terrible. These experiments can lead to serious injury, or maybe even death.

In 1845, J. Marion Sims performed medical experiments on enslaved African women. While doing the experiments, the African women did not have anesthesia. Surgeries performed without anesthesia cause the patient to have excruciating pain. This shows the great and terrible lengths that scientists have gone through. Soon after their surgery, they would die of infection. To this day surgeries are not performed without anesthesia due to the pain that patients have had in the past. J.
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Is human experimentation ethical? I believe it 's not. There have been pointless experiments that lead to devastating endings. Kids, adults, and newborn babies have been used in these experiments to end up in serious injury and death. Scientists have taken advantage of people with disabilities, and have not asked for permission from these patients. Take the “Monster Experiment” for example. These orphans were used in an experiment that they did not have a say in. These kids were used to test stuttering. When these kids grew up, some of them were so mentally beaten up, they had serious problems. I truly believe that human experimentation is unethical, and should not be considered “good”. Of course it is important to try new things, but these experiments can be taken care in a better, non harmful way, or dont experiment
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