Human Factor Case Study

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UNIVERSITY MALAYSIA SARAWAK FACULTY COGNITIVE SCIENCE AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT KMK 2223 COGNITIVE ERGONOMIC INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT (30%): Event Horizon Lecturer : Ms. Oon Yin Bee Name : Ong Hui Yean Matric no : 43669 Lab Session : Monday, 11.30am-12.30pm Date of Submission : 11 May 2015 Introduction Human factors is the study of human being and focus on understanding the advantages and limitations of the human body and minds. The goal of human factors are study the factors and development of tools which helps human in enhances performance, increase safety and increase user satisfaction. In the case study, I found out there are several human factors problems faced by in the hospital regarding the MRI room. They are…show more content…
Problem of staff. In this case study, I found out there had human errors on staff. Human error is “A failure of a planned action to achieve a desired outcome” (Human error, n. d.). From the beginning part of the statement, we knew that the untrained anesthesiologist had make a wrong decision to accept the oxygen tank for the intention of saving Michael’s life. The human error made by medical worker In the human error classification, Reason (1990) said “Greater understanding of the why of human error is provided by a popular approach based, in part, on the distinction between whether the inappropriate action was intended or not”. For example, the nurse who unintended brought the oxygen tank into the MRI room was considered as one of the human error in knowledge-based mistake, without the training of MRI equipment, she didn’t know that she could not bring the metal materials into the MRI…show more content…
Warning system and Safety labels. Warning system should be designed in the environment and equipment. When emergency occurs, warning system can be used to seek help from others and do alarm others medical worker that there had some changes and emergency situation for rescue. For example, emergency buttons with sound and light alarm. According to Wolgalter et al (1993), auditory alarms induces a greater level of compliance than do visual alarms. In the door entry, equipment, walls, floors should be labelled with safety label to alert other people to be aware of the existence dangerous in the MRI environment and equipment. 3. Design of MRI environment. Trust has a similar function in a human’s belief in the actions of an automated component (Muir, 1987). Automatically open and close sliding door should be design and implement as a part of important elements in the design of MRI environment so that medical officers can walk in and out easily through the automatically swing inward and outward door during the emergency period of time. On the other hand, the MRI environment can be set up by using access card for those only authority medical worker to control entry of MRI
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