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Adam Hulsman
Central business district- The downtown central area of a central city it usually has the tallest buildings and expensive land prices. It is important for studying human geography because where people make the district can tell us how they interact with the city.
Synekism- The possibility of change resulting from people living together in cities. It helps us by showing us how people interacting can change things.
Urban- The entire built up area and its population include it the suburbs but excluding the rural areas. It helps by showing us how humans organize their living places. City- A grouping of buildings and and people that serves for a center of politics, economics, and culture. It helps us to see how people interact with
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It helps us by showing us how people act when there is more than enough food and how they will change their lifestyle because of it.
Social stratification- The differentiation between people creating social classes based on wealth and power, usually leads to the formation of cities. It helps us by showing us how humans naturally want to be better than other for insignificant reasons.
Leadership class- The class of decision makers and leaders in early societies they controlled food resources and usually the lives of others. This helps us by once again showing us how people naturally want to in charge of other and want more power.
First urban revolution- The innovation of a city. It occurred in 5 separate hearths independently. It helps us by showing how humans naturally come together to form areas of high population.
Secondary hearth- An area to where an innovation diffuses a second time and from there it diffuses more broadly. It helps us by showing us how ideas and innovations
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It helps by showing us how ancient people acted.
Trade area- A region adjacent to every city and town within which its influence is dominant. This shows us how people have influence over others.
Rank-size rule- In the model of urban hierarchy, the population of a city is inversely proportional to the city’s rank in the hierarchy. It helps us by showing us how human put themselves over others because “they are better.”
Primate city- A country’s largest city also the most expensive it is usually the country’s capital. This helps us to see how people choose their best city.
Central place theory- Explains how and where central places in the urban hierarchy should be functionally and spatially distributed with respect to one another. This helps us by showing us how we should organize the layout of our cities in the whole country.
Functional Zonation- The division of a city into different regions or zones for certain purposes or functions. This helps us to organize cities.
Zone- Area of a city with a relatively uniform land use. This helps us by showing us how cities are organized.
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