Human Geography Of Pharmacy Essay

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Human Geography in the life of a Pharmacist
“How is the study of geography and geographic concepts going to be helpful in the study of pharmacy?” The use of maps when tracking the outbreak of a disease has a direct impact on pharmacists and others in the medical field. For an example, maps can be used to track the origin and spread of an epidemic throughout a specific region or the world. Using this map would provide doctors with an explanation of a potential cause of the disease and how many people it has affected. This information would help pharmacists be aware of who their patients will be and allow them to decide upon the best way to treat the disease. We learned that the United States is made up of many perceptual regions such as
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Population density is a measure of the number of people relative to the land size. This figure can be reported for an entire country, however, at a larger scale, it can be calculated for cities within a country. The higher the population density in an area, the more people that are living in that region. With more people comes a greater need for health care, therefore a larger number of health care professionals.
When I graduate from college and I am searching for a job, knowing about population density would help me because I would know to look near larger cities with high population densities for the best chance of finding employment. Also, later in my career if I would want to switch companies and find a new job, remembering the concept of population density would assist me in finding new employment.
As we studied the rise and fall of populations, I saw a direct correlation to the career of pharmacy. The crude birth rate (CBR) is the number of live births per year per thousand people in the population. Likewise, the crude death rate (CDR) is the number of deaths per year per thousand people. Together these rates determine the make-up of a population. As people age, they eventually begin to suffer from health problems and need medical

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