Human Geography And Physical Geography

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How do the worlds of human geography and physical geography overlap? Daisy Liu G9
We have two parts of Geography: Human Geography and physical geography,
Natural geography is a subject that studies the composition, structure, function, dynamic and spatial distribution law of natural geographical environment. It is an important branch of geography. Human geography is a subject to study the geographical distribution, diffusion and change of human phenomena, and the formation and development of the regional structure of human social activities. Human geography and physical geography are mutually influenced.

Human activities will cause harm to the natural environment, for example,
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According to the according to historical records, from December 5th to December 8th of 4 days, the city of London, the death toll reached 4000 people. After December 9th, due to changes in the weather, fog gradually dissipated, but after two months, nearly 8000 people died because of the smog event of respiratory diseases. Because humans use a lot of coal, destroy the environment that has caused this tragedy, people not only use a lot of coal, but also not clean, so that coal polluted air bath environment. It will happen in London haze events.
Not only that, there are Losangeles photochemical smog event occurred in 1943 in the American city of
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As a result of human activities, the environment is in many ways, degradation, and global warming will accelerate these degradation. (1) because of the high temperature melting glaciers, water thermal expansion, causing the sea level to rise. Sea level rise will be a serious threat to coastal areas, may inundate low-lying coastal areas, serious impact on human activities. (2) climate change caused by global warming will lead to great changes in water supply in many places, the availability of fresh water will be greatly changed. The temperature increase means down to the water will be evaporated, if there is more rainfall to supplement evaporation, is not What impact. (3) effect on agriculture and food supply. Firstly, global warming will cause the global total grain yield declined. In addition, the insect is a cold-blooded animal, affected by climate is particularly evident because of climate warming in distribution area of crop pests can be extended to the edge of the area, but also make many the survival rate of pests (4) global warming will make the forest resources have been seriously affected, first of all, the forest serious wilt. Therefore, the natural ecological system will be more and more can
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