Human Intelligence In Andre Alexis's Fifteen Dogs

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I read Fifteen Dogs by Andre Alexis, which focuses on fifteen dogs with human intelligence. They have been granted human intelligence by the gods, and every dog uses their human intelligence in a different way. Some use it to overpower weaker creatures, some use it to create art and experiment with new things and some don’t use it. In this novel, using an expert’s intelligence is essential for success. So, I chose the character, Benjy, who starts out not using his human intelligence. However, because he doesn’t use his intelligence, he suffers. He is hunted by other dogs with human intelligence and lives starving on the streets. It is not until he finds himself a place to learn the extents of his intelligence that he is able to thrive. This place is the home of Nira and Michel, a human couple who take him in. In their home he is able to practice speaking, observe human interactions and has a safe space to reflect upon himself. Their expert knowledge benefits him to no end, and so, my monologue begins one day when Benjy finally is able to speak his name in the human language.

Been-jai. Been-jee. B-e-n-jee. Benjy. Benjy? Benjy! I’ve got it! I think I’ve finally got it! To think, I respond to everything: puppy, mutt, Ben, Benjo, Jojo, that one. But now, finally, I can
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Nira, she never submits to Miguel’s demands. She fights for everything she wants for herself and Miguel cannot stop her. Even the man she is meant to follow cannot overpower her when she speaks. If learning this language can make me that powerful, I must do everything I can to learn it. Even Miguel! I’ve seen how he talks to his own human pack, the way they follow him around because he knows what to say. They follow him like cats to milk. Before this home, I never understood the power of words. The respect they command is unbelieveable. They way these humans can convince others to obey them is something I could only dream of. But now, I am beginning to

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