Human Journey Research Paper

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Humanity has to take a journey to discover who they and who others are to them.For some it 's to pursue their goals, also want to fill their goals, even when the struggle looks like it 's too hard to pass on your own. For many people in the past without technology.Global communication was only for Kings and Nobles. The common people were told what to believe and stay where they were born, but nowadays people have access to so much more.They travel the world, visit cultures different from their own. The true purpose of the human journey is to learn who you are and it takes a while for many people to find that purpose and that allows you to take your own personal journey in life.
For may in this world find them by their goals and their dreams in life and, mannerisms from
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Also with things like suicide and depression is a part that tragically affects many people.That can affect others in other ways.The factors of things that could happen to any could cause may outcomes of personalities and ideals of life.Factors of the people you have around you, your school area and population around you, and little things like weather and plant life all can help or hinder traits.After high school choosing the college or military or work all also factor in.The major you choose and the people that are also there can change your life forever, you can meet your future spouse, best friends just in one day, because of one decision.Everything you decide is your journey and no one else 's.
Your personal journey in life contributes to others, by learning about other cultures and experiences from other people.But unlike some people take their whole lives to find their purpose in life.Our characteristics, deductions, experiences, and areas of living all contribute to who you become in society.But always remember that what you do in life has significance to more people than you think, a simple hello to a stranger can keep them here for a while longer than just letting them fade into the
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