Human Nature And Nature's Effect On The Environment

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Nature play a vital role in our ecosystem it provides the basic and essential needs for the survival of man. But the activities of man causes bad effects to the natural resources which result to degradation, destruction, and resource exploitation that can harm the environment. As mankind progress environmental devastation occurs. Cited by Wilcock et. al, (1999) fresh waters conclude that there are strong relationships between the degree of agricultural development of catchments, lowered water quality, and reduced biodiversity of stream fauna. Turbidity will results of the scattering of light in water by organic and inorganic particles, reduced abundance of zooplankton, macro invertebrates, and Arctic grayling (Thymallusarcticus) in naturally and artificially turbid aquatic systems.( Lloyd et., al 1987). The nature of predator-prey interactions has long fascinated ecologists, partly because of the importance of these interactions in determining patterns of energy flow within an ecosystem. In many aquatic ecosystems, the ability of both prey and predator to detect each other is frequently impaired by turbidity ( Abrahams and kattenfield, 1996).Thus, highly turbid water will affect the aquatic diversity resulting to loss habitat and organism. Water pollution is one of the effects of human activities coming from agricultural run-off, mining run-off, domestic run-off, quarry run-off and so on.
Turbidity is affected by several factors in water: presence of dissolved and

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