Environmental Devastation Essay

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Nature play a vital role in our ecosystem it provides the basic and essential needs for the survival of man. But the activities of man causes bad effects to the natural resources which result to degradation, destruction, and resource exploitation that can harm the environment. As mankind progress environmental devastation occurs. Cited by Wilcock et. al, (1999) fresh waters conclude that there are strong relationships between the degree of agricultural development of catchments, lowered water quality, and reduced biodiversity of stream fauna. Turbidity will results of the scattering of light in water by organic and inorganic particles, reduced abundance of zooplankton, macro invertebrates, and Arctic grayling (Thymallusarcticus) in naturally…show more content…
Marine litter or debris is any persistent, manufactured or processed solid material discarded, disposed of or abandoned in the marine and coastal environment from any source (Coe & Rogers 1997). 2
Effects of Precipitation

The heavy rainfall is one of the extreme weather which causes floods and widespread damage that can also contribute to the turbidity of the ocean.
As stream is connected with the ocean which called estuaries, so absolutely the quality of its water varies with each other’s health. Turbidity is a measure of how muddy something is from loose sediment or having suspended particles. According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), Suspended materials can clog fish gills, which can reduce resistance to disease in fish, lower growth rates and affect egg and larval development. As particles settle, they can blanket the stream bottom, causing many problems. Precipitation highly affects how turbid a given stream is. This can affect plant life, aquatic life and human life. (Kuhels,

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