Human Nature In A Raisin In The Sun

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A Raisin in the sun takes place during the 1950’s and early 1960s. It was during the time when discrimination against blacks was very well known and blacks mainly lived in poverty The genre is a play and takes place in chicago’s south side. It 's important to the narrator mainly because she was writing about her own experiences and was giving people a perspective of how others lived during that time period she was trying to question people 's minds and hearts of the way America was allowing how people were being treated and how hard it was survive through that but how easy it was for white people. Analysis: Relate the book to human experience. In 300-500 words explain three truths about human nature and find thee events that relate from…show more content…
The first way is we can become so caught up in what we want in life that we forget to focus on the good things we already have going for us in our life. For example, Walter was so focused on opening up that liquor store, that barely focused on the family he already had, he was too worried about trying to make money then loving what he already had . The second reason is we can become very confused in life and unsure what we really what to do with our lives For example for Beneatha she wanted to be a nurse and go to medical school, but she was also always changing her mind on who she wanted to be she went from riding horses, to playing guitar and many other things, and she was also confused about love and trying to find her identity. She wasn 't sure who she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, We can relate to this because as humans we are always changing our minds about something, sometimes we think we find we find the right path we want to go down and end up turning around and searching again. The third reason is sometimes we feel lost and hopeless. For Ruth she found she was carrying another baby and didn 't know what to do because she knew she couldn 't afford it and was thinking about abortion, but in the end she kept it because Mama ended up finding them a house in alot better of conditions.That example can relate to us because to us because sometimes we feel like we sometimes we lose everything and feel like
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