Human Nature In Ender's Game

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The book ender's game has a lot of possible themes but the one that is the most truthful is “human nature is to destroy what we don’t know”. As humans when our instinct is to destroy anything that is different from us, we are so scared of anyone else having more power than we will kill anything in our path. The theme in ender's game is human nature is to destroy that which we do not understand and we know that because of what the bible says, the need to kill the buggers and the whole training the launchies go through.

The bible has a lot of verses that support the theme “human nature is to destroy what we don’t know. “Jeremiah 17:9 The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?” In that verse it is speaking
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They are different than them so they will do anything to kill them as it is in our nature to do so. They strip six year olds away from the home they’ve always known and take them to space for years of intense training to successfully kill an entire nation. The kids are allowed no contact to home whatsoever but also not allowed to miss home. “But if there’s a chance that because you’re with the fleet, mankind might survive and the buggers might leave us alone forever-then I’m going to to ask you to do it. To come with me” * The kids do have a choice whether to go to battle school or not but Graff does a better then good job of convincing them. They are only six, how much can they really know about leaving home to go to war, in the book Ender actually seems to have a pretty good grasp on the thought but he is also one of the smartest and we can’t say the same for the other boys. The government gladly distorts the innocent minds of these launchys and turns them into men a war, just in case one of them can destroy a nation.

In conclusion, the book Enders game we know the theme is “human nature is to kill what we do not understand”. The bible even says that when we do not have God with us we are darkened in our understanding really anything. Humans have a huge obsession with killing the buggers or aliens. They even distorted six year olds’ lives in the hope that they could one day reconcile against the aliens that once attacked them. Humans are evil in almost every way possible and there was many ways to back out of killing a nation, and yet they did
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