Human Nature In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Animal Farm Essay How are allegories relevant when discussing societies issues of human nature? George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm explores this question through the characters in his book. The Novel was based around people and events of the Russian revolution that occurred during 19… and revealing many truths of human nature and existence throughout the novel. George Orwell portrays his characters as animals with human traits and allows readers to infer what he is revealing about human nature through these characters. Using the examples of Napoleon and Boxer this essay will discuss the truths of human nature and express the traits of these characters both good and bad including; loyalty and obedience as well as selfishness and greed. Napoleon represents the corrupt political dictators that have been in power before and even after the novel was written. He slowly and subtly put himself into power of the farm and was very manipulative in the way he got there. The animals were always ensured that everything he did was for the good of the farm but as the book goes on Napoleon’s hunger for power is revealed. It shows the extent he will go and lies he will tell to ensure the power he has isn’t taken away. This reveals how the people we trust can always turn against us without us really even noticing until it’s too late. Like the animals trusted Napoleon until he turned against them and his corrupt leadership was what let the farm fail. Along with his power hungry attitude, he
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