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How did we become a human? That is the question that is trying to be solved. It is mental to think about how the humans are a prolonged and more developed member of the great ape family. We have evolved into a more mature and sophisticated species that yearns to share our personal stories. Jonathon's Gottschall's preface, The Storytelling Animal, starts with scientist believing if monkeys were left in a room with a computer they would eventually write hamlet word for word. The human mind is obsessed with stories and the imaginative realm that it is connected to it. When we were first born and till the day we die, we thirst to tell stories that carry purpose, meaning, and relevance to our existence. I agree with Gottschall because his points are valid, I have…show more content…
When I dream during my sleep, it is nothing like I've experienced when I'm conscious. Dreaming is when you are completely in a different realm. This realm is called Neverland it is an "undiscovered and unmapped country" (Gottschall XIV). Neverland is untouched and that is what makes it so special. I believe if there were scientists conducting studies and trying to figure out why we dream, it would take away from this experience. With dreaming, it is amazing to know that there aren't laws that we follow or have to go by. I am able to do whatever I want and whenever I want. I can make insane creations, time travel, fly, and the list goes on and on. I have even day dreamed multiple of times. When we day dream the "body is always fixed at a particular point in space time, your mind is always free to ramble in lands of make believe" (Gottschall XIV). I don't really know why our mind choses do certain things, but that is what makes us and the dreaming experience so special. It happens for a reason out of our control and it is totally unique. I agree with Gottschall that Neverland is an extraordinary place and it should stay that

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