Human Nature In Hamlet

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William Shakespeare is considered to be one of the greatest writers in our history. He was a groundbreaking innovator in his time writing plays that were completely different from what the world had ever encountered. He was the first to challenge qualities of human nature and examined the limits of language inventing new phrases that defied the norm. Shakespeare combined elements of poetry with a useful application to theatre. He was able to express human experience by verbalizing events in most people’s everyday lives. When it becomes hard to put something into words Shakespeare can be there to speak for you. Most authors from his century kept to one specific genre for example, Homer told stories of adventure and men at war, while Shakespeare, not only wrote about every genre known to man he also wrote the greatest stories that transcend time and culture. Till this day storytellers continue adapting Shakespeare into our modern world. He was also first to use love in tragedy and it is said that Hamlet was the first play to relate to modern man and woman.
Hamlet is considered to be one of the greatest plays in western literature because of its complexity dealing with the human mind and numerous themes that are presented throughout the play. The approach taken by Shakespeare in Hamlet has brought to life various interpretations of meaning. Hamlets struggle to confront his internal dilemma was how to avenge the death of his father. This demonstrates the idea of how a persons
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