Human Nature In Lord Of The Flies Analysis

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Throughout the novel, Lord of the flies, human nature is evaluated by the characters’ actions. In the beginning of the novel, the boys act innocent, they start a democratic society. Driven by Jack and his hunter's desire to feed the population, they lack moral value. With a new sense of thrill, associated with hunting, the boys felt a rush of power, and with this power, they began to inflict pain on others. As a result, Golding believes the nature of man is good but is enticed by evil through the internal conscious. At the beginning of the novel, the boys act civilized, they all have clear intentions. According to the Lord of the flies on page 42, it states “We’ve got to have rules and obey them. After all, we are not savages. We’re English,…show more content…
According to the Milgram obedience study, it states “Some subjects are stuttering, laughing hysterically and inappropriately during the experiment.” In the experiment, subjects were to shock the other subject when they answered the question wrong, some laughed as the other subject screamed about the pain. Jack expressed his nature as he sought dominance of those not in their group. He slaughters pigs without hesitation, laughing as roger sticks the spear while the sow screamed in agony. At this point, Jack has been persuaded by evil through his internal conscience, he has lost the meaning of civilization. His group goes as far as killing Piggy. The killing of Piggy declares an end to civilization on this island, where savagery takes over, and the evil internal conscience has consumed the good within them. In the beginning, the boys sought to work together to make a just society, a society where they could add knowledge that they have gained from their previous culture. Violence starts to take place when Jack and his hunters take on the job of hunting for food. The society built off of civilization starts to fall apart when jack starts his own group, which leads him to inflict pain on others. All the boys at this point are inhuman; overcome by evil. Their good has been consumed by evil internal
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