Human Nature In Lord Of The Flies

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Human nature is defined as the composition of humans from their very core of traits and characteristics. The environment we are in and the genetics we have play a major role in the nature of humans. We aren 't one dimensional beings that are constantly predisposed to do one action, but instead we are rather facets of the same coin. There is so much behind human behavior that we keep making new discoveries on the expansive mind that tries to give an explanation on how and why we commit the actions that we do. In the novel Lord of the Flies, we recognize this theme present of human nature and the darkness embedded in it. William Golding, the author behind the novel, is trying to portray human evil as a whole. This whole book has several examples…show more content…
That cruelty is there, but how long it takes to reach that level varies for everyone. Each of the boys symbolize a different person in society whether they are a pacifist or a hawk, it shows the fragility of society and need for order.

The premise of the novel is how this plane crashed on an island and all the adult passengers are dead, only leaving the school boys traveling in it alive. Picking a leader to help them is what the boys decide to do but everything goes out of hand as the boys don 't listen and play. They don 't try to help themselves and get rescued, which results in chaos as their one track minds only want fun. This mob mentality leads them to their own destruction as they hunt and see the "beast" as they run around like savages. They don 't listen to reason as fear of the beast consumes them. The school boys are imperfect and an example of human nature. They play and have fun like boys do, but the darkness comes out to play when they worry about their survival. It 's survival of the fittest all over again. Although they are little boys, the narrator is drawing comparisons to adults
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Lord of the Flies isn 't scared to tell it how it is. It gives insight to the boys ' thinking and how they feel about their situation. There is so much going on in their minds that it becomes easy to manipulate and for the true feelings to appear. Fear is only way to rule successfully. Fear was put into the beast and the unknown, like the ocean and the far beyond in the island. That fear is a powerful source to utilize and take advantage of from a human because our emotions are so easy to witness. We are an open book which makes us easy to analyze and pick apart to see the root of the problem. That human nature was the beginning of us and it is also the end of us as we know it. The boys were a lost case by the time they crashed on the island and their decisions will haunt them for the rest of their lives. They will be seen as an outlier when they aren 't, because if others were put into their position, who is to say that they wouldn 't react the same. The human nature that is a part of each and
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