Human Nature In The Treasure Of Lemon Brown

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Human nature is the feelings, attributes, and behavioral traits that all humans share. Many works of fiction use multiple ways to convey messages that readers can relate to, to help them have an extensive understanding of the fictional story. Since human nature is found all throughout society, authors incorporate different relationships that characters have with one another, which teaches people how to act and interact with others.
Different fictional books often reveal elements of human nature through conflict between the characters during a certain event in a story. In “The Treasure of Lemon Brown” the main character Greg, wanted to play basketball, but his father said that he had to have sufficient grades on his next report card, unfortunately
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In ‘The Treasure of Lemon Brown” the main character Greg ran away from home into an abandoned building, deciding he didn’t want to listen to the lecture his dad was going to give him and met a man named Lemon Brown, who was showing Greg his treasure, something that meant a lot to him, as he “revealed some yellowed newspaper clippings and a battered harmonica” (Myers 1). The two characters who met for the first time were bonding over Lemon Brown’s treasure just like how people bond with one another when they meet for the first time. Being able to talk and interact with newly met people is important in order to keep a lasting relationship. By being able to identify the different strategies that characters use to keep lasting relationships with one another, it guides us as humans come up with more ways to talk and interact with different types of people, which creates a correlation. Comparatively, in “The Possibility of Evil” the protagonist, Miss Strangeworth goes on her daily errands and as she walked into the grocery store “half a dozen people turned away from the shelves and the counters to wave at her or call out good morning” (Jackson 1). Having good relationships with people are super important in life, but being able to actually do that isn’t the easiest thing to do. By seeing different characters interact with
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