Human Nature, Nature And The Nature Of Nature

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As people often talk about good and evil as if there is objective value. We also insist and live in a culture where you can do good or bad and that there is a certain set of standards you could conform to to be considered good. For example, we call giving to the poor good and disobeying a cop bad, but is this true and exact? We, as humans, are, by nature, animals who are trying to survive in this world at the core, in the manner of self-preservation. When you consider that everyone truly looks out for their own self first, one quickly comes to the realization that there is no good nor evil; all there is is a desire for self-preservation based on the needs of an animal, war to obtain that status, and a hollow illusion of peace to try and maintain self-preservation (if one can ever achieve it in the first place). Thomas Hobbes was one of the first people to truly consider mankind to be not caring, loving, evolved beings with the desire to achieve the greater good, but more primitive beings who value self preservation over anything else. He believed that natural law meant little more than every man for themselves so much, that any form of higher authority, whether it be a king, republic, or even a dictator would be better than relying on people to naturally work together. This statement is backed up by Robert B. Karnak from Colgate University, where he states “This negative view of natural law can be traced to Thomas Hobbes (1588–1679), whose writings are largely devoted to

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