Nature Of Change In Business

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As with all human nature characteristics, worry is amazingly complex, but we need to recognize in our daily business ventures that it does exist. This is especially true when there is a corporate change, a restructuring, or anything that might involve “change.” Probably nothing drives humans to worry more than change. Let’s be clear about this – worrying about change is a human trait no one is going to eliminate, and often has validity, but if there is nothing you can do about the change occurring, worrying about it will most likely only make your situation worse. In other words, as we discuss the nature of “worry” in this chapter, we need to talk about managing feelings in the right way in the business environment. This includes communicating…show more content…
Progress needs to be made to address criticism in a mature and organized fashion and to facilitate productive discussion between the employee and supervisor. It takes cou-rage to conduct constructive criticism, and a great foundation between the supervisor and the employee consisting of loyalty, trust, and respect to hold that discussion in a successful manner. Then, that discussion must include ways to address the criticism correctly and solve whatever problems exist. The supervisor, unless extenuating circumstances exist, must make it clear to the employee that he or she wants to help the employee solve problems in an expedient fashion. No one likes to be criticized and our natural human reaction to criticism is defense. The first thing any of us do when we are criticized is throw up our defense. We want more information immediately and we often feel offended by the criticism. This is not news to anyone, and is just normal human behavior. The question then becomes, “How do we proceed in a productive manner to solve the problem, move forward, and preserve or hopefully even strengthen the supervisor and employee relationship?” We do that through the use of examples and through communication, which again, is the foundation of all successful endeavors. Communications is so important, as is documentation and effective and professional work between a supervisor and employee to achieve…show more content…
That’s when a supervisor must be proficient in communication and counseling. Perhaps, the jealous employee will have an opportunity for a promotion again in the future, but, once again, there must be trust and loyalty between the supervisor and the employee to hold a conversation such as that. The jealous employee must be made aware that their jealousy is noticeable and can be self-consuming if they are not careful. I have witnessed conversations with jealous employees whereby they have successfully recognized the problem, addressed it, communicated well, and the employee was still unable to adjust their feelings of jealousy. Sometimes the jealous employee changes positions or even leaves the company. Sometimes those actions may be the only visible answer if the situation becomes critical from a performance aspect. Hopefully, this will not be the case. Hopefully an employee will be able to recognize, following consultation with his or her supervisor, that their actions are noticeable, and there is no need to be jealous which may be causing self-destruction for the

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