Human Nature: The Best Moments In My Life

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There is a saying that, “Human beings tend to perform more prohibited acts”. The more my parents forbid me to do some things the more I feel interested in them. Maybe this is the human nature. In my life, I experience this thing once. This incident is one of the best moments in my life. I have learnt many things from it. It was a rainy morning and I woke up early .My parents had already woken up. My mom was preparing breakfast for us. I was sitting on the dining table and reading newspaper. In that time, my mom’s phone was ringing and she picked up the phone. It was my uncle over the phone. My uncle invited us to join his wedding anniversary function. We all were invited to the function. My parents were so happy to hear this. I was also excited to join the function. At night, my father returned home with a big present. It was a gift for my uncle’s wedding anniversary. I was very impatient to see what was in it. I asked my father what he had bought. My father said, “Open it and see.” I opened the box and saw a big classical Antique Wall Clock. It was a big Antique Clock I had ever seen and my mom was happy too. After finishing our dinner my mom said, “Tomorrow we are all going to the anniversary.” I felt cheerful. A lot of things were happening in my mind. I was thinking which dress I was going to wear. The program was at the evening. In the afternoon, mom came to my room and reminded me to get ready for the program. I took shower and after that I dressed up

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