Themes In I Am Malala

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Why do so many humans share the same needs at the most basic level possible? As some part of the natural human mind or soul, all people share the same most basic needs and drives, as is shown frequently throughout hidden themes in most stories and novels. In I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai, the basic human need for control is shown frequently and in many different ways. Without the human need for control, Malala would have never been shot. The book I Am Malala is about a young girl who is at odds with the Taliban because she disagrees with their extreme views of the Islamic religion and stands up for women’s rights, education most specifically. Malala shows her need for control over her life from the very beginning when she begins her fight for education. A lot of people in the Islamic religion believe that women should never be seen with a male other than their relative. The Taliban despised the idea of women getting an education, but Malala and many others fought back. Many people, her father being the biggest advocate, believed that “lack of education was the root of all Pakistan’s problems” (page 41).…show more content…
This need is desperate because for many it has become a losing fight. People can seek control and quietly rebel, but many never get the control that their basic instincts teach them to seek out. Malala was ultimately shot because she tried to fight against the Taliban for control over her own life, and they had her shot so that she could not become an example for the people around her and inspire them to do the same. If people did not so desperately seek control over not only themselves but others too, Malala would not have been shot for speaking out. Without this pitiful need for control that any human feels, whether they be a submissive or dominant person, there would be no war or hatred, nor any real fact or order. Is it possible to get rid of this need? And if it is, should
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