Overpopulation Analysis

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According to the U.S. Census Bureau everyday 220,000 people are born (U.S. Census Bureau). This should be concerning to everyone since Earth will reach its population carrying capacity in a few decades. Scientists believe that the maximum capacity of people the planet can sustain is somewhere between nine and ten billion people. The human populace is already well on its way to eight billion. At this rate the U.S. Census Bureau estimates that by the year 2056 there will be ten billion humans inhabiting Earth (U.S. Census Bureau). Scarily enough this means that a solution for this crisis must happen quick. During a conference the Human Overpopulation Panel, an activist group that tries to make the issue of overpopulation known, stated that the…show more content…
Her presentation focuses on informing viewers why they should be concerned with the social epidemic. She began her speech by sharing a picture of her family: her husband and cat. Looking at her family, Paul tells of how she would never add to the human population by having a baby biologically. “My husband and I chose not to have children since I have been concerned with the overpopulation situation for a long time.” Paul explained. “And you should be too…yet it seems that no one is talking about the issue.” (“Human Overpopulation Panel…”). To help the audience achieve a better understanding on how fast the population is growing, Paul demonstrated the change in population over time. According to Alexandra Paul’s research, the first sign of human life is estimated to have been around 1000 A.D. In 1830, about 200,000 years after the first estimated human life form, man-kind reached one billion people. Astonishingly, it only took humans another century to reach the second billion mark. In present time the world adds another billion people in the course of about twelve and half years! The activist continued her presentation by answering the one question on most of her audience’s minds, “Why is the population growing so much quicker?” Paul insists that technology is the reason behind the peak. “Advancements in medicine and agriculture are causing us to live longer.” declared Alexandra Paul. (“Human…show more content…
In college one of her professors showed Münter’s class a film that highlighted issues the world’s growing population causes. “It completely devastated me. I still think about it [the film]. I actually haven’t stopped thinking about it [the overpopulation issue] since that day” the activist confessed (“Human Overpopulation Panel…”). Although Leilani Münster was disturbed by the issue, for a very long time she did not talk to anyone other than her family about the overpopulation crisis. “Because it [the overpopulation issue] is an uncomfortable subject I didn’t want to bring it up and upset anyone…so I didn’t talk about it much publicly” she admitted to Animal Right’s Conference room (“Human Overpopulation

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