Human Personality In Frankenstein

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A human being is born neither good or bad. They are simply brought into the world without knowing anything. However, as they grow up, they will eventually create a mindset that has been developed from their various experiences in their lives. For example, a baby who was raised up in a hard-working environment, will eventually develop that same quality as they grow up. In the novel, Frankenstein, we are able to observe how a person’s character/personality is developed by the problems and experiences they have encountered. An individual’s mindset and other attributes are shaped by their experiences that have greatly their lives. Mary Shelley shows us in the novel, that people become who they are based upon the experiences they encounter throughout…show more content…
When the monster was shot by the father of the little girl he had saved from the river, he stated that, “inflamed by pain, I vowed vengeance to all mankind ( Chapter 16, Par. 19).” At this point in the novel, we can somewhat agree that the monster has lost all faith in humanity. He will now start to become the monster that everyone fears. However, if we look closely at the monster’s reasoning behind his actions, we are able to notice that he was only frustrated at his present state of being, in this case a bullet wound. Not only that, but also how he has been rejected couple of times in the novel by society and even by his own creator. It was the rejection and loneliness that influenced the monster to become angry with humanity. We must also remember that he was not in any way born this way. He was born just like a child, not knowing the difference between good or bad, and experiencing new and wondrous feelings in his life. It was his experiences with humanity that led him into believing that humans are awful and they only judge what is on the outside. If we view a modern day example, we will be able to identify how much society impacts the lives of teenagers. For example, “ if kids find crime to be prevalent around them, then they may accept it as something normal, and might even indulge in it eventually (SecureTeen).” It was not the monster’s fault that he was judged so rudely by humans. He had no control over his deformity and his constant rejection from others fueled him to fight against everyone that despised his appearance. However, if the monster was given the proper respect and care he deserves, he would have been the exact opposite of what he turned out to be at the end of the novel. Due to how society impacted the monster’s life, he developed an angry personality that had lead him down on a dark path, while causing innocent
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