Human Population And Environment

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Human Population and Our Environment

People depend a lot on their environment. Without the latter, the earth would be hotter, and it would be impossible for the human race to survive. However, the 21st century has caused a lot of havoc to the environment much more that technological advances have not only become a necessity, but also a competition for various companies. As such, if I were an environmental researcher and were given funding to assist with one environment problem, I would choose to spend my funds on human population. My choice is influenced by the fact that the world’s population is significantly increasing every single day. As such, it is important that there would be strategies and solutions to be undertaken for the environment to be preserved in many ways possible.

Details of the Problem

Human population plays a vital role in sustaining the earth 's vast resources. The way they live, consume resources, and inhabit places on the earth directly affect the environment (PRB, n.d.). Considerably, it cannot be denied that the link between the human race and environmental degradation is straightforward. As the population increase, more resources are needed and more wastes are generated. Evidently, a growing population poses a great threat to the environment because people have to share a limited number of resources for them to survive. It is worthy to note that many environmentalists are in an agreement that population is one of the many factors that
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