Human Population Growth Research Paper

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Page 1-2: Why the current trend in human population growth is a danger to our planet.

Page 3-4: How we can solve the problem concerning the current trend in human population growth.

Page 5: Ethical issues concerning population control.

Page 6: Personal view on the issue.

Page 7: Bibliography.

“Is the current trend in Human population growth a danger to our planet?”
Yes. The current trend in Human population growth is a serious issue, and, as of late, it has been the focus of numerous scientific debates and studies.
Why is it a danger to our planet?
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The idea of having 2 well educated children was made out to be the more favorable option, over having multiple children. Millions of people submitted themselves for voluntary sterilization to prevent themselves from having more than 2 children or any children at all during this period of population control. The policy was taken very seriously by the country, as approximately 928,000 South Koreans were sterilized in the one year period between 1983 to…show more content…
“According to the Seoul Metropolitan Government on November 18, the city’s population was 10,388,000 in 2013, with the number decreasing by 54,371 from the previous year, meaning Seoul’s population has decreased three years in a row since 2010. (By other measures, the city’s population is already below the 10 million mark.)”

Both of these attempts of population control through the use of mass sterilization and eugenics, though effective, have unfortunately produced more negative effects than good in both countries in which they were administered in.
The only solution that wont cross any ethical boundaries would be to start intensive, and possibly forced, mass education programs. These programs could educate the youth in all countries, rich and poor, about future resource management, safe sex and skills that could eventually be used to see them employed into a line of work that will be beneficial to their country.

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