Human Prehistory: Before History

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Prehistory, as what the prefix of the word suggests means “before history”. It can refer to the time since the beginning of the universe but more often human prehistory is the span of time when modern humans first appear as recorded in history, about 5 million years ago and finishes with the invention of writing, about 6000 years ago. [1] It is the period before written history became available to further our knowledge of the past. It starts and ends at different moments in time regarding to the region concerned. Daniel Wilson , President of Toronto University College, was the first one to introduce the term in 1851. Paul Tournal originally coined the term in describing the finds he had made in the caves of southern France. [2] There are no written documents that exist during this kind of time and the material remains are the only basis to study their ways of life. It includes the human body itself found by most archaeologists, hunting tools which was used in their search for food, paintings, sculptures found in most caves, etc. Human prehistory encompasses a period of time in the human existence namely: Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron age respectively. This is what the historians called the three-age system. The name of these periods suggests their primary tool making technologies. Stone age is further divided into time periods in human prehistory. Specifically, these are Paleolithic Period, Mesolithic period, and Neolithic period Paleolithic period is a time in our

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