Human Reality In Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go

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The question which I have decided to encounter is ‘Who gets to be Human? According to Calvin Thomas’s Lesson One, he states that ‘the world must be made to mean’ (27,Thomas), bringing about the concept of human reality. You would think that being a human should not be questioned and that the idea of being a human comes commonly. I agreed with this perception until I began to explore the fictional text of Never Let me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro, and it led me to believe that human reality cannot be taken naturally. We are brought into this world with help and guidance from those around us. When we are being born, it isn’t a natural experience, the methods of labour and the use of language are there to help us. Based on the text Never Let Me Go, for those in the book, technology is a natural organic part of their human existence as they are made to be clones. They live in a dystopian world, this is a world which is like the ‘natural human world’, which we live in but theirs has social advancements ( This…show more content…
Therefore all of these words that are being spoken to her make her feel like nothing more than a pretty face, this then leads to a sudden unhappiness in the human. There is more than just organisms in the real stage of our life that we really need to know that we exist as humans. We all have thoughts and desires, feelings and emotion. But, because the mistress is being slated and slightly praised at the same time for her pureness, her confusion is immense and leaves her feeling another sense of emptiness. Shakespeare doesn’t move pass identifying anything other than the organisms in this text and that there are common gender differences, but does she still get to be human because she doesn’t have a voice to express her
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