Thesis Statement For Cloning Essay

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My thesis statement is: All cloning should be avoided because it’s inhumane. Dolly the sheep is an example of adult animal cloning. It was a very difficult organism to clone. They had to go over 277 attempts of many sheeps. There were over 200 sheeps killed until one of them was the survivor, Dolly. Many of these animals died just because of the ambition of science.

The world should start considering any form of cloning as cruelty. Many of the citizens in the world are uneducated about the negative impact that cloning could have on our society. Under no circumstance a human-being should be murdered for his additional parts. However cloning is a very cruel scientific procedure because of the negative outcome of cloning, such as organ transplants.

We humans should be aware that there is a line between science and human
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In 1979 they produced the first mice that was genetically identical, they did it by splitting embryos of a mouse in a tube and then implanting it into an adult female mouse. In 1996 they finally cloned the first mammal from a cell taken away from and adult sheep, it took more than 276 attempts as I said previously.

Artificial cloning has three different types and they all have an effect. Gene cloning is the first one, this produces copies of the organisms’ DNA, this is the process used at the NHGRI. Reproductive cloning is the second one, it produces copies of the whole body of an organism (mostly an animal). The last one is Therapeutic Cloning, this produces system cells that are embryonic.

To conclude, science is a very ambitious topic. Many people are with or against cloning. Maybe the world should start considering to what they are doing to the environment and to the world. 353 years ago, we discovered cells. Today we know how to clone animals and mammals. Tomorrow we will clone humans and the whole world will have the same physical appearance and the same
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