Human Reflection

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I often thing that at times in life it is not about what is right or what is wrong. In the end it is all about what is right and what should be. This them begs the question of what a person does in the end, or how they see the situation; Is it an opposition of good and bad, or good and what should be?
Human being are often lost. This is true and can also be seen in my attempt of reflection in short discourse. Humans are often looking for direction; it is for this reason that there are certain structures in the world that allows for that sense or essence of placement.
These structures give human creatures something to follow. In following this there is that certain reach for a level of achievement in having kept to whatever role or responsibility that was a person is entrusted with. There is the feeling of fulfillment in following a duty given to man. These structures are existing to be a guiding factors for humans, as sort of commandment or determinants of where and what man should be or be doing. And as man, there is still this capability for reason and capability of free will to do whatever man chooses. It is at these times that these structures give man a point of decision, a point for deliberation.
Though it is not to say that these structures are right or wrong, it will only be a matter that they do exist. That they attempt to put into order and allow humans to participate in this thing called ‘life.
The point of denotation of whether something is right stems from

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