Human Relationships In John Clarke's 'Catrin And Baby-Sitting'

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In this essay, I am going to explain how Clarke explores human relationships through the study of two of her poems. The poems that I will be analysing in detail are Catrin and Baby-sitting. Firstly, both poems have something in common, which is they all talk about human relationships in our day to day life. Secondly, they talk about the people love and our feeling towards another child. First poem that I have chosen is an autobiography and the second poem shows us her way of approaching to someone else’s child. Catrin is an autobiography about Clarke’s daughter. This poem has 2 stanzas and 29 lines. The first stanza starts with Clarke describing what she surrounded by and what she senses. For instance, Clarke stated in the poem ‘I stood in a hot, white room’ this creates a contrast with ‘confrontation’. Furthermore, Clarke creates an image about their relationship being a ‘red rope of love which we bought fought over’. This may suggest that, both of them fight for their feelings and neither of them are ready to give up on one another. We can also interpret it in another way for example: like an umbilical cord, since it attaches the mother and the child together. Until the baby is born, it considers to be one with in the mom. Clarke doesn’t like the surrounding as she says ‘square environmental blank, disinfected of paintings.’ This may be interpreted in many different ways. The quote may suggest that, it’s not a homely place where they met at first. However, she is happy

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